Thursday, 23 October 2014

Baby, it's cold outside...

The smell of bonfires in the crisp cold air, the crunch of burnt orange leaves under your feet, the feeling of soft warm socks and woolly scarves... there's not much I love more than this time of year. It is time to embrace the cold.

What better way to celebrate the start of the chilly season than to welcome a new winter coat into your wardrobe.. and there certainly isn't a lack of choice in the UK highstreet at the moment! So, which to pick?...
I've already banged on about how big blanket capes are this season so I don't need to tell you why I love this topshop one.. I just do! Pull out the mustard tones with a yellow bobble hat!
Camel coats are always classic, play with the simplicity by adding contrasting printed accessories - I love these leopard print boots from New Look & Striped hat from Wommelsdorff.

The duster jacket is another big trend this autumn winter, it sits about mid shin and is quite light weight. This one from The Whitepper is a delightful ice blue colour and looks great with a pop of colour.

Keep it grunge with this hooded piece from Ma-Ko, the layered arms add extra detail and interest. I love maroon at this time of the year so can't go wrong with a wine-stain-red beanie and biker boots!

Make like Penny Lane and rock a shearling coat this winter, just add simple accessories and care free curly hair and you are good to go and dance with the band!

Another modern day classic is the oversized boyfriend coat, I love the way this coat and bright red hat reminds me of the Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic...look it up!

All woolly accessories in this post are from knitwear brand Wommelsdorff - Check them out here. 
All Boots are from New Look - Check them out here.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Are You Ready Boots?...

....Start Walking!
Autumn has taken over here in London and I am embracing it full swing! If there’s one item I always go back to every time the leaves turn brown it’s a nice pair of Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are timeless and never go out of fashion; I love to wear them with black tights and old summer dresses a ’la Alexa Chung.

I've bought Chelsea boots over the years from a few different highstreet brands and although they have been nice they always tend to wear out very quickly.  I think if you know you are going to wear an item year on year you should think about investing a bit more money to make sure that piece will last you more than one season! Queue this beautimous pair of boots that arrived on my doorstep last month from Chatham for review…

Coat - Primark
Dress - Milanoo

One of my favourite colours for Autumn/Winter is maroon so when I saw these Chelsea boots had maroon elastic I knew we’d get on like a house on fire. They are 100% leather so I think they will last me for a few good years and they are super comfortable...

On this particular day Will & I went for a wander around Portobello Road Market and they put up well with the day of walking through crowds and standing at bus stops... 5 stars from the City Girl! At Portobello I also picked up this black hat (strongly inspired by What Olivia Did & Wish Wish Wish). I am pretty chuffed with it as it was only £18 and the one I had been eyeing up on ASOS was £30! Pleased as punch!!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Trick or Treat - Halloween Costume Ideas!

Mary Poppins - Just grab: A white shirt, a black midi skirt, a black hat, an umbrella and a red bow or ribbon and TADA. You shall be heel clicking and singing all hallow long!

French Clown (Pierrot) - Ok maybe a little more preparation needed - create a ruffle, which can be made of paper (see here ) Just grab: Anything white and floaty (a white maxi dress or white baggy shirt and trousers), Your pre-made ruff collar, paint face white and draw on sad eyebrows and tears with a black eyeliner pencil. Voila! 

Minnie Mouse - Just grab: Red Dress, White frilly ankle socks, black shoes, Make some minnie mouse ears by putting your hair into two top buns (see here), add a red bow to your new hairdo and lastly add a little mouse nose with a black eyeliner pencil and you're all set! 

I hope you like my halloween costume ideas, it's my (2nd - lets not get too excited here , it ain't no Christmas) favourite time of the year! I am not sure if I will even be attending any halloween occasions this year ( I shall mostly be spending my time singing along in a loud voice to this) but if I do I certainly will be choosing one of the above! What's your favourite? 


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Sunday, 5 October 2014

These are a few of my favourite things...

Is it just me or is this year zooming past so fast?? I am already laying out a few of my favourite things of the month once again!


This Mac paintpot in Groundwork (a matte taupe-y brown shade) is the perfect lazy girls alternative to putting on eye shadow in the morning! No need to fuss around with powders & brushes, just smudge this onto your lid and blend out with your finger, add mascara and BOOM ready to face the day!


After eyeing up the different nail polishes on offer in boots I came across these Maybelline super stay polishes (which I ended buying in a nice selection of colours!). This Rosy nude colour is the perfect 'Autumnal pink'.. not too barbie but still pretty. The formula of the polishes is really lovely and thick plus it stays on a long time before chipping compared to similar ones from other brands.


Oookay, this actually smells so good. I can't explain scents very well at all but it is the perfect fresh but still autumn/winter-y smell! It really does remind me of the British country air.. mmm... just go smell it ok? Ok.


I recently received these stunning boots from Chatham, they are the best Chelsea boots I have ever owned! More to come on these in a later post so that's all I shall say for now!


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Monday, 29 September 2014

Truly Transitional - The Maxi Dress

(all clothing in this post can be found on the topshop website!) 

The classic black maxi dress is a staple in most women’s wardrobes, with sandals and a sunkissed glow it gets us through many-a summer holiday! However, continuing with the theme of transitional dressing I wanted to show how I will be styling my plain black maxi to work for autumn and winter.

For autumn I went for a casual look, pair your maxi with a statement sweater to give it a sporty looking edge.  Slip on trainers are everywhere this season  and I love this faux furry pair from Topshop! To add a pop of colour to the outfit I decided to add a bright pink lip - if this is too daring for you try a nude gloss. 

When winter draws in its time to pile on the thick wooly jumpers, black tights and hand cream! There’s no reason why you can’t wear your maxi as a skirt in winter, it makes a nice change from the same old black jeans. Just pull on a thick jumper, and layer with tights for extra warmth I love this bag & boots combo - both Topshop, they match brilliantly and can be worn with almost any colour.

Well, that's all for now folks! So don't pack away that summer maxi just yet! 
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Sunday, 21 September 2014

when the boat comes in..

On a recent trip to visit my parents in their newly bought narrowboat home I took the opportunity to wear a special dress for the occasion. The crochet-esque lace on this dress reminds me of 1960s table cloths or doilies - in a good way! On browsing the Milanoo website I came across this dress and thought it would work well with bare legs in summer & tights in the winter.

I am recently on a 1960s style obsession and can't resist making everything look that little bit more vintage! Therefore I couldn't resist pairing the dress with my new shiny black loafers and a black hair bow to match! I will never stop dressing like an oversized toddler it would seem!

We spent our afternoon turning the boat and going through locks (well I wasn't much help really but I did make a good 'I'm on a boat!' girl! ). As the evening wore in William fired up the barbeque and we munched our way through delicious food aplenty! Luckily this dress also has extra belly room!! I am already looking forward to visiting my parents again as there doesn't seem to be much more relaxing than sitting on the front of a peaceful boat watching ducks & swans float along the canal.

I hope you are having a mighty lovely September and are making the most of these last few bits of warmth we are getting!
Lots of love

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Truly Transitional...

A switch in seasons means it’s time to change up & refresh your wardrobe and buy some new key pieces, as I highlighted in my previous post. However, if you are anything like me you'll find it’s a bit hard to let go of those last summer pieces and pack them up for the year. So, I have come up with a few ways to transition some classic summer garments for the colder months!  Starting with the simple floral sundress…

In the summer this dress was beautiful worn with bare legs and brown leather sandals but as the leaves turn brown it is time to add a few extra layers for warmth. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to layer your summer pieces, a simple white shirt looks great under a floral dress and a cardigan adds a little warmth but won't overheat you!

As winter draws in you needn't pack away that old floral dress. The fashion pack have created a trend called ‘Winter Florals’ the means you can't get away with flower prints all year round! Any floral print looks stylish as a skirt popping out of a thick jumper.  Pairing your dress with socks, boots and an oversized trilby hat conjures images of Sienna Miller & KeiraKnightley in the film The Edge of Love. 

Well, that's all for now folks, next Saturday watch out for the next post in the 'transitional pieces' series all about styling the maxi dress through autumn & winter!! 



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