Sunday, 27 July 2014

Monthly Favs!!

Hey guys,

How is it the end of July already??! This year is just speeeding past, it's insane! I am about to have a really exciting month this August with holidays and weddings to attend - I am really looking forward to it! Back to July though, for my favourite things of the month.... I have a month of LOVVVVVE for a fair few products so bare with me if I sound rather keen!!

The first product is this gorgeous primer from L'oreal, I tend to stick to the same old products when it comes to my skin but I decided to branch out and try some new things recently and I was pleasantly surprised! This is a base primer but it can also be mixed in with your foundation. Most of the time primers are used to help keep your makeup in place throughout the day so I find them particularly useful in the summertime when you tend to sweat more..!  Different primers do different things, if you have dry skin you can find moisturising primers that keep your skin dewy and if you have oily skin there are matte primers which will have combat shine throughout the day!

I have 'normal' skin so I find I just need something that will give me an extra boost or glow to my face, which is where this product comes in.. the primer has a slight pearlescent sheen to it that (when mixed in with your normal foundation) gives you a lovely Summer-y glow and leaves you looking healthy and radiant without being too shiny. 

My next BIG CHANGE of the month is this foundation! This is a really big deal to me as I am really a stickler for getting stuck using the same foundation again and again, & although my normal (L'oreal true match) foundation is still amazing I decided I would like something a little lighter for Summer. This foundation from l'oreal is the lightest formula they make, so not for those who have a lot of colour pigmentation or imperfections they would like to cover! However, after using some new skincare products this month (coming up in this blogpost!) I have found my skin is a lot healthier and I have a lot less acne therefore this lighter finish foundation is perfect.. also you don't even feel like you're wearing foundation, which is a big deal when you are MELTING in the London sunshine (No complaints about the sunshine here though!!!).

And, of course I have a new lip product to rave about too, this is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip stain in 'Pink Pong' this colour is just THE BOMB.. haha.. but really, I can't say much about this (I hear you all cheer) except it's matte without feeling dry and the colour is the perfect bold warm pink.. GO AND GET IT NOW.

Now, this is the skincare change I mentioned earlier... I found out about LA ROCHE POSAY Effaclar Duo through the many youtube beauty channels I incessantly watch and realised I HAD TO TRY IT. This cream combats redness, dark marks and acne and it does it sooooooooo well!! The tube tells you to apply if all over your face morning and night, I say DON'T do that.. just apply it to troubled areas at night before you go to bed and wake to the lovely surprise of perfect skin.. If you are going somewhere special you can apply if all over your face for a soft supple feeling in the morning but if you apply it this way everyday you are sure to dry out your skin! Other then that I really couldn't recommend this product enough.. GO AND GET IT NOW..  

Last of all is my fashion fav of the month, which is this sundress from Brandy Melville (Kings Road & Carnaby Street if you are in London). It's the perfect light Summer dress, the pattern is boho-esque and the floaty style and adjustable straps make it ideal for beach holidays! 

Weeeeeell, that's all for now folks! PHEW, who'd have thought I would have SO much to say!! I apologise in advance for the DAMAGE you may cause to your bank accounts in Boots &/or Superdrug after reading this post!! HAHA.. 

I hope you are having a magical and amazing Summer so far...


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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hey guys,
today's post is a catch up on my #ootds lately! If you want to see more of what I'm styling on a daily basis check out my instagram profile:


The first outfit was for a particularly sweltering day here in London recently, I picked up this topshop dress at a 'clothes swap party' I held recently and I have actually used it so much! Perfect for this heat! I like to layer dainty necklaces like this to make a plain outfit a bit more interesting.


Next up is a way of styling my uniform piece from work. I had these old printed primark trousers which come in soo handy when styling an outfit in the Summer, I noticed the green on my work tshirt matched in with the khaki in the print and so this tropical themed outfit was born! 

This is a simple, classic outfit for me.. If I can't decide what to wear that day I'll normally end up in a stripey top and a statement necklace.. this top is the one I recently picked up & featured in my Primark haul last month!

Here's another uniform piece, this light blue silk dress is sooo lovely & it's great to be able to wear it with bare legs & white accessories, finally!  

Again, this denim dress from work is a really nice piece, I am glad to be able to style it in a Summer-y way! I like to wear dresses with bare legs and black boots & socks in the Summer, it makes a nice change from sandals and gives an outfit more of a masculine feel!

Another stripey tee combo here ;) haha, I am so chuffed to have picked up these double strap sandals in primark for a mere 5 pounds! I have been lusting after a pair of birkenstocks for a while so I was delighted to see these hanging up waiting for me!!

Well, that's all for now folks, hope you liked my outfits! How's your Summer going? 


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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Holiday Wardobe Ideas

 Heyyy guys,
Today's post is a selection of items I have my eye on for my Summer Holiday wardrobe. I am heading off on a camping trip around France with the Mr so the outfits will be mostly based towards sunshine, comfort, outdoor activities, and balmy summer evenings out by the lake....ahhh.. Can you tell I can't wait till my holiday?
Let's get cracking:

My first outfit is what I imagine strolling around a little french town in the sunshine in.. I have been dreaming of this Mod Dolly co-ord ever since I saw it in their Summer lookbook - it's a 60's themed pattern and I am head over heels! The best thing about a printed co-ord is you can put it together and look 'put together' instantly but also you can pair the shorts with a plain white tee or the top with jeans - perfect for a versatile camping wardrobe!!

Next up, this outfit seems perfect for a casual bike ride around town, though perhaps not a mountain biking excursion hah! I love skorts for bike rides, you can look girly but maintain your dignity! The flowy white crop top is a blast from the past, I'm sure I had one just like the in the 90's but I think it makes this look like an outfit Baby from Dirty Dancing would wear for a bike ride.


This outfit is pretty self explanatory, a lovely bikini from topshop.. I prefer the high waisted bikini bottoms as I find them more flattering on the ol' belly, plus anything that reminds me of the 1950's is mighty fine with me! Of course I would top it off with these heart shaped specs!! Why not eh?

Last but not least, an outfit for the chilly evenings by the lake, this jumper is just SCREAMING for me to buy it as I am a huge beyonce fan haha. The Mom shorts & silver birkenstock dupes are a little marmite but I think this outfit is really cute :)

WELL, that's all for now folks, which outfit is your favourite? Where are you off too on holiday this summer?


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Monday, 7 July 2014

Judy's Vintage Furniture Flea

Hey Guys,

Yesterday (Sunday 6th July) I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Vintage Furniture Flea by Will &I actually went to the flea last year and loved it so much! We picked some lovely things for our flat last time so we were happy for the chance to attend again this year. The flea is set in York Hall in Bethnal Green, the architecturally interesting setting makes a lovely backdrop for the stalls laden with mid century goodness waiting to be taken to new homes!

The fair is particularly fantastic for the prices! Nothing was ridiculously overpriced, as many vintage & antique fairs seem to be nowadays! It is such a pleasure to pick up a lovely 1960's print table cloth, dreading looking at the price tag, to see it costs a mere 12 pounds!! There were also a lot of gorgeous old maps that I wish we could fit in our flat and some amazing bits of furniture and knick knacks. 

After spending rather a while ooh-ing & aah-ing over the wonderful treasures up for offer, Will & I managed to finally pick out our purchase of the day - this adorable drop leaf kitchen table! The table is now sitting pretty in our flat and as you will see I took extra pleasure in setting it out nicely for dinner that evening! :) We had been on the hunt for the perfect 50's style drop leaf table for quite some time so we were delighted to snap up this one!

My outfit for the day was this little vintage dress I picked up at the Beyond Retro Brick Lane Outlet store, once again a surprise bargain for only 8 pounds!! I am so pleased with it!

I couldn't recommend Judy's furniture flea more to someone who loves the retro look to homeware but can't afford the normal price tag! We ended the day by wolfing down some delicious slices of cake (I chose red velvet - how can one resist such a bounteous cake display??) and sipping on tea from dainty tea cups.. the perfect way to end a lovely day!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you got any vintage fairs in London to recommend?


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Friday, 4 July 2014

Recent Vintage Finds

Hey guys,

This post is to show you the little vintage bits & pieces I have picked up recently :) I thought this was a nice way to incorporate my vintage obsession into my blog!

 First up is this gorgeous pink dress - circa 1950's. I bought this off a really sweet lady in the weekly car boot sale near our flat in East London, she was so nice and I couldn't pass it up, it is the perfect midi length too! Now I just need an occasion worthy enough of it!

Next is this turquoise midi skirt from a charity shop, I reckon this is probably 80's but I shall hopefully be styling it in true '50's Dior New Look' fashion :). It is such a lovely 'on trend' piece that will blend very well with my 'uk highstreet' wardrobe! I am imagining it with a striped breton tee, little white sandals and red lips..what an outfit!
 Next up is this little froggy!! My mum picked this up at a car boot sale recently and I am in love, he is sooo cute! It says 'rings&thing' inside his mouth so clearly that is what I shall be storing in him. He fits in perfectly on my dressing table full of vintage bowls laden with fake jewels and other random trinkets :)

Last of all, I picked up these white heeled sandals in Beyond Retro's newly named 'Outlet Store' on brick lane. I picked them up expecting that they were going to be full price and was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend pointed out they were actually 70% off!! Amazing!

Do you like vintage shopping? If so, what's your favourite places to go?

I hope you liked this post! I will be attending the 'Vintage Furniture Flea' by Judy's Affordable Vintage next week so expect a post all about my day there! :)


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Monday, 30 June 2014

My Picks of The Whitepepper Summer Sale

Hey guysss,
In today's post I have picked my favourite pieces from The Whitepepper Summer Sale which is now on! (control yourselves ladies.. your bank accounts will not thank you!!). I absolutely adore The Whitepepper, their pastel pieces just hit the 'Dusk darling' nail right on the head. The sale is really the only time I can actually excuse myself to buy a little summin' summin' from their brand so I jump right on the wagon whenever I see it hit the site! Anyhoo, on with the show...

Just take a look at this beauty would ya! Ah.. the pleats, the collar, the perfect blush colour..What a dream! I would style with the top button undone and little white sandals..please?

..So, I am not really sure if I can rock a smock like some can (rock a smock..hehe..ok I'll shutup). However, I think this piece is too delightful not to place into my 'Picks Post'..! This dress is totally what I imagine a modern day Alice in Wonderland to prance about in... with added socks, mary janes & headband.('s an outfit waiting to happen)

 PU Leather Biker jacket
I think this jacket is the perfect way to wear a pastel colour and still look tough! I'm not really sure what weather I would wear it in but.. Oh, how I dream of it as the perfect accompaniment to a flowy white maxi dress...
Lastly, another pair of cleated sole black boots - as if I don't have enough already! They are just perfect for any season!  With jeans & a sweater in A/W and little white socks & a sundress in S/S I mean come on, you cannot go wrong! 

Okily Dokily, that's all for now folks! What do you think of my picks? Don't forget to check out The Whitepepper website STAT because the stuff tends to sell out sharpish in the sale!!

Hope you are having a glorious sun-filled relaxing June....

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

FIRST LOOK Primark AW 2014

Hey guys,
We all know how popular Primark is on the little part of the internet - it would seem you are as keen on their new 'cool' image as I am.. so without any further ado, here's the new preview of the AW2014 collection..which look amazeballs....

 Shoes shoes shoes

 Shoes, coat, trousers! What a great picture too!

I am loving this oversized jacket..

 I love this look, both jacket and bag are pretty dreamy!

I think this lookbook is sooo gorgoeus and the clothes look veeery interesting, I am very much looking forward to sampling the new primark AW 14 collection when it comes about!! 

Hope you like this post,

Hope you like this post, have a nice weekend ladies & gents :)


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